Debut album recordings at Gig Studio

Check out the new photos from Gig Studio, in Stockholm, where we are currently cutting the debut album. After two and a half days, all twelve tracks were already done, and it’s sounding awesome! We’re recording live in the studio, and have just had the great pleasure of inviting three very prominent guests to add some of their magic to these recordings. 

First off, Swedish rock legend Mats Ronander (he played the geetar with ABBA for chrissakes!) dropped in to add some tasty harp licks to one of the songs, then Conny Bloom of Electric Boys and Hanoi Rocks fame, came down for a major guitar duel together with Pontus and, last but definitely not least, the one and only Ralf Gyllenhammar from Mustasch added some great vocals to the song Tiny Joe.

All that’s left now are a few days of mixing and then we should be done!