The debut album by Pontus Snibb 3 is called Loud Feathers and was released on Rootsy, with distribution by Warner/ADA, on February the 15th 2012. You can get it from the following vendors: (cd) ı Bengans (cd) ı iTunes (digital) ı Amazon (digital) and many more.

Track list:
1. Tag Along
2. Mental Breakdown
3. Filler
4. Hounds of Hell (feat. Mats Ronander)
5. Tiny Joe (feat. Ralf Gyllenhammar)
6. So Crazy You Amaze Me
7. Love Letter (feat. Conny Bloom)
8. Chasing Down a Dream
9. Suck Face
10. Full of Yourself
11. Saviour

Here’s a short documentary from the recordings, at Gig Studio in Stockholm, late May 2011, containing snippets of a few of the songs.