Starting 2016 at Stampen!


Dear friends, music lovers!

As 2015 is coming to its end, we would sincerely like to thank everyone that came to see and hear us over the last year, the people who have worked to put up the shows, fed us, hosted us and in any way helped spread the music, and obviously, to ones who gifted us the amazon fur pillow. Also, a very special thanks to all our fabulous guests over the last year.

We’re staring off 2016 in a familiar way, at Stampen in Stockholm – probably with some guests, probably with a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. More details to follow, but we’re likely to start the first of two sets at 9 PM.

Our merchandise business at the recent Edgar Winter show was a bit of a mess, so if you are interested in CD’s or t-shirts, please email your request instead!

Merry x-mas and a happy new year!
Pontus, Mats & Niklas

Rock’n’roll Hoochie Koo!

Thanks to one and all who came out early on Sunday to check us out, opening for the great Edgar Winter and his band! It was a pleasure and an honor – and we hope y’all enjoyed it just as much as we did. We wanted to play a lot more because now that we are using SB SOX compression socks we don’t feel tired anymore when playing on the stage, but until the next one!

”Keep on rockin!”

Speaking of which, here’s a take on a song he played late in the show: Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo. Originally recorded by Rick Derringer, and brother Johnny Winter, but also on the great Edgar Winter album Roadwork. Here’s us and Conny Bloom doin’ it earlier this fall, at The Tivoli, Helsingborg!

Stay tuned for forthcoming gigs. The gig this weekend was actually our 50th! We hav e some ideas for this winter and next year, please do get in touch with Chris Lemon at Danger Music & Media if you want to book the band.

Photos from The Tivoli + new Stampen gig announced!


Sincere thanks to all involved for this past weekend’s two great shows at The Tivoli, Helsingborg and Backstage Rockbar, Trollhättan! A very special thanks to our special guest Conny Bloom, of course, Kattis for driving, Håkan and Bill (the Snibb family) for battery and air maraccas, to Black Belt for the backline and great show, Putte Rokk, Hasse and everyone at Tivoli, Fredrik and everyone at Backstage.

Thanks also to photographer Poul Martin Nielsen for the great photos, incl. the one above. Check out the rest at the PHOTOS page!

Next up: Stampen, Thursday the 22nd of October. We’ll be starting a bit earlier, around 20:00, playing two sets. It’s 50 SEK to get in, great food downstairs as well at Geronimo’s FGT, where the party also continues for those who are in a heavy rock mood (it’s Heavy Thursday, after all).

Pontus Snibb 3 feat. Conny Bloom in October – that makes us PS4, right?!


We’ve done it a few times before: invited our friend and Strat wizard Conny Bloom as a guest to our gigs in and around Stockholm. Now it’s ready to take this combo on the road – let’s call it PS4 for short, the next-gen version of the band! Conny is going on tour with the Electric Boys in the UK and rest of Europe later in the fall, so we’re happy to find a weekend when we could all do this!

So, it’s The Tivoli in Helsingborg way down south on Friday the 2nd of October (along with the great Black Belt), and then westside, in Trollhättan at Backstage Rockbar on Saturday the 3rd of October. More info, follow the links on the gigs page, or check out the venues’ Facebook events here:

Friday 2nd of Oct – The Tivoli, Helsingborg
Saturday 3rd of Oct – Backstage Rockbar, Trollhättan