PONTUS SNIBB 3 Loud Feathers
Release: 15th of February 2012

Pontus Snibb has through the years proved that he’s one of Sweden’s best singers and guitar players – with a long-lasting, productive career as a recording and live artist with bands such as SNiBB and Bonafide, who are currently getting a lot of attention in Europe. This coming February, another chapter to the story begins with the release of the debut album Loud Feathers from the newly formed power trio Pontus Snibb 3.

The album was recorded in less than a week, mostly live, in the respected Gig Studio in Stockholm, Sweden together with Conny Wall (who’ve worked with Ane Brun, Electric Boys, Peter Bjorn & John, Imperial State Electric to name a few). Many bands talk about capturing that raw, spontaneous energy but instead lock themselves in the studio for six months, spending their time moving the kick drum a few milliseconds this or that way.

“I thoroughly loved all three days of recording this album”, main man Pontus Snibb says. “Just three guys having a good time, playing live in the studio with almost no overdubs, the same way all my favorite albums were made. Just playing groovy music together. We could have called it a live album.”

Pontus Snibb 3 is, on one hand, a brand new band, on the other a continuation of Pontus’ previous solo career, and this album is thereby a follow-up of sorts to Admiral Street Recordings 1 and 2 – the latter having also been released by Rootsy back in 2009. Besides Pontus on guitar and vocals, the band features Backdraft’s rhythm section, bass player Mats Rydström and drummer Niklas Matsson (also in Bonafide), who have also recorded and toured with US boogie legends Raging Slab.

Loud Feathers consists of eleven tracks, with influences from all forms of classic rock, ranging from The Who to Free to Crazy Horse to Van Halen. The album also features three prominent guests: guitarist Conny Bloom from Electric Boys, Mats Ronander on harmonica (who played with ABBA!) and screams courtesy of Ralf Gyllenhammar from Mustasch.

The band recently did three well attended gigs as the opening act for Dan Baird’s Homemade Sin (with members of the Georgia Satellites and Jason & The Scorchers – which Pontus actually also drums for) in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, about which one reviewer enthused:

”For approximately fifty minutes, Pontus Snibb 3 gives us a lesson in classic blues rock that can only be equaled by a young ZZ Top, minus the hair and beards… They give it their all, from first to last song, rocking and owning the stage with a masterful rhythm!” (CrankitUp)

Loud Feathers will be released on both CD, limited edition vinyl and digitally. Distribution: Warner/ADA.

For more information, please contact Håkan Olsson at Rootsy, and +46 (0)734-352 668.