PS3 back at Stampen in May!

Pontus Snibb 3 will be back at Stampen after two years’ of abscence. This power trio started out in 2010 and released the debut album ”Loud Feathers” on Rootsy in 2012, and consists of Pontus Snibb (vocals, guitar, from Bonafide, Wreck Of Blues, Jason & The Scorchers, From The Sky), Niklas Matsson (drums, from Bonafide, Backdraft, The Downfall) and Mats Rydström (bass, from Abramis Brama, Peace Conspiracy, Avatarium, Conny Bloom, Backdraft).

The band regularly gigged at Stampen in 2015-16, often with guests, but after that the different members have been a little bit too busy with their regular bands to be able to gather as PS3. Anyhow, Wednesday the 15th of May is the date!


Vi öppnar kl 17.00. Show runt 21.00. 50 kr i dörrn – inget förköp. Välkomna!