Acoustic show – Record Store Day


A huge thank you to everyone that came out to our second show at Stampen, on April 1st. And a special thanks to our guests: Johan Ekberg (vox/harp) on Going Down, Ida Bang (vox) and Lovisa (guitar) on All Your Love and Sugarcoated Love, Peter Hermansson (drums) on Strange Brew, Olle Hedenström (guitar) on Arrested for Driving While Blind, Stephen Rossi (drums) and Linkan (piano) on Hey Pocky A-way.

Next up: Record Store Day, and we’ll celebrate that with an acoustic show at Hot Records at Råsundavägen 100 in Solna. It’ll be around 14 on Saturday afternoon.

There are some special summer shows being booked at the moment – we’ll be back with more info about those in a short while…

Record Store Day PS3