Gävle, Mockfjärd & Akkurat!

Thanks to each and everyone who came down to KGB:s anniversary last week! We had a blast and enjoyed very much the company of maestro Conny Bloom (Electric Boys, Hanoi Rocks…) who helped us out with his fabulous Strat work on Love Letter, as you can see below. We will do this once again, but more extensively, at Akkurat on Tuesday the 30th of April (and yes… no excuses, day off on the 1st of May). The first of two sets will start at 20:00, and admission is free as always, which gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the finest beer selection in all of Sweden – and perhaps buy a CD and t-shirt or two.

First off, we’re playing Gävle on the 30th of March. The venue is Harry’s, and the event is hosted by Dirty Harry’s and GHK, Gefle Hårdrocksklubb.

We’re also playing Heakrogen in Mockfjärd on the 20th of April, along with Thalamus. This is a celebration of the release of our vinyl 7″ split single, by Transubstans.

KGB, 10th of Jan 2013: “Love Letter”, from Loud Feathers (2012) and Snibb (2002)