More reviews – keep ’em coming!

We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the release party last week at KGB! 

Swedish guitarist bible Fuzz just reviewed the album, possibly with the best one so far, read it here!

Some more reviews of the album are also comin’ in, here’s quoting the US web magazine Dangerdog Music Reviews with 4,5 out of 5:
“There’s some real butt-kicking rock songs here like Tag Along and Filler. Dig some boogie blues, with nice harp from Mr. Ronander, on Hounds of Hell. Straight up heavy rock on Tiny Joe. PS3 is not afraid of some radio-friendly accessibility, notable on So Crazy You Amaze Me, or the groovy Love Letter. The album rounds out with big guitar riffage rock on Suck Face and Full of Yourself, and the slow burn of blues rock on Saviour. Nice.” Click here for the full review!

Also just in: Sweden Rock Magazine, PopgeniSydsvenskan

Upcoming shows:
• Sat 10th of March – Rocker’s Pocket, Norrköping
• Sat 17th of March – Heakrogen, Mockfjärd
• Fri 11th of May – Glada Ankan, Karlstad
• Sat 12th of May – Club Adrian, Uddevalla